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Glassos Countertops

You can get best Glassos Countertops here,we are Glassos Countertops slabs,tiles,countertops manufacturer.

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A professional Crystal white glass vanitytop manufacturer. Offer Marmoglass Nanoglass countertop Vanity Tops.

Glassos, also named Marmoglass,Nanoglass,Marmoglass Composite Collectively referred to as Crystallized Glass

Glassos / Crystallized Glass Application:

1). Interior & external wall cladding

2). Flooring Tile, Stair, Column cladding

3). Basin, Countertop, Table, Bar

4). bath, Kitchen, any tops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc .

Crystal white is a kind of artificial stone . It is made of glass ,which should be burned in the oven for two days under the more than 1000C temperature . It is much different from natural stone from all sides.
1. Natural and soft texture,
2. Varied colors such white, beige, carrara white

3. Good weather resisting property and durability
4. Zero percent of water absorption , not be polluted easily
5. Green environmental building material
6. High-intensity, light weight
7. Bending formation, economical, time saving
8. scratch resistant ,withstand high-heat .

More details about it :
1. There are more than 10 colors of crystallized glass panel products available: Pure white, yellow, silver yellow, silver grey, grey in white, grey spot white, USA grey spot white, yellow in white….
2. Panel thickness: 10-30MM
3. Normal specifications (mm):
1800*3000*18 1200*2400*18 600*600*18 1200*1200*18
1600*2400*18 1800*3000*30 800*800*18 1000*1000*18

Thin tiles:
305*305*12mm, 450*450*12mm
457*457*12mm, 400*400*12mm
600*600*12mm 1200*2400*12mm

4. Material: crystal quartz sand

5. Packaging: Fumigated wooden crates, Bundles,foam

6. Brand name: China Marmoglass / Nanoglass

7. Place of origin: Xiamen, Fujian ,China

8. Model NO.: GS001, SN002, NANO2009, NNAO2011

9. Supply ability: 20000M2/MONTH, 30TON/DAY

10. Delivery time: generally within 10 days, after the order confirmed and the deposit received

11. Arc panel specifications (mm):
Thickness: 18-30mm
Diameter : 30cm-120cm

1.What is crystallized glass stone(Marmoglass SN002 )?

The micro crystal stone is an innovative product designed as a substitute for the rare natural white marble. It is superior to the natural white marble in terms of characteristics, where the micro crystal stone possesses extreme density making it anti-breakage, giving it zero water absorption qualities, and making it resistant to acidic and alkaline substances. at the pace that mankind is consuming the natural resources in today’s world, the micro crystal stone is the ultimate solution, the superior alternative for the external and internal applications. It is certainly a revolutionary product and the finest construction material of the 21st century.

2.Why choose crystallized glass stone(Marmoglass SN002)?

The micro-crystal stone, also known as the micro-crystal glass, Marmoglass, is a new type of high-level decoration material. It is derived from natural inorganic material through a high temperature process, and it possesses excellent characteristics including the followings:

1. High Performance

The micro-crystal stone has even texture and high density, which makes it crush resistant, anti-bending and high resistant resulting its performance being higher than natural stone. It can be used for long period with minimal damage.

2. Acid-proof alkalinity and anti-corrosion

Not only does the micro-crystal stone posses special micro-crystal characteristics, it also has special glass features such as a fine texture, shiny surface and light reflection effect.

3. Fine Texture

We have the flexibility to manufacture any colors as per customer requirements while also making up the defect of color differences, which exists in natural stone. While the product is widely used for interior and interior decoration of star-level hotels, subways, local landmark buildings, airports, and office building etc, it is more suitable for high-level home decoration.

4. Pollution-resistance and easy maintenance

The micro-crystal is a kind of inorganic crystalline material with stable chemical characteristics. Its acid proof alkalinity and anti-corrosion nature are superior to nature stone, specifically its anti-weather characteristics whereby it is unaffected by the wind or sunlight.

5.A wide application range

The water absorption rare of micro-crystal is quite low, close to zero. Several types of dirty pulps and dyed solution have difficulty in penetrating it. Any dirt on the surface is easily cleaned and it is convenient to mankind.

6. Heat-bend reformation

With the heating method, the micro-crystal can be made into various arched profiles and arched slabs. the process is simple and it allows us to save time, cost, material and resources.

7. No radioactive elements

In the process of manufacturing the micro-crystal stone, we have integrated the elimination of all the harmful radioactive elements that are found in natural stone from its components. It is therefore the safest and most environmentally friendly building material in our modern world.

Crystallized glass can be processed into slab, tile, countertop, column and vanity top, wash basin and etc. It is applicable for flooring, interior and exterior wall cladding, stairs and table. Contributed to the character of no color difference, so it is widely used for top grade hotel, business building shopping mall and such great construction.

Physical Parameter


2.70 g/cm

Water Absorption


Compressive Strength

126 Mpa


Class A (Suitable for indoor and outdoor)



2400/2600/2800/3000 x 1800/1600/1400/1500mm

Cut-to-size Tiles

30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100cm X 30 /40/50 /60/80 /100cm

12"x12", 24"X12", 24"x24" or customized size


1.2cm,1.8cm (3/4'), 2.0cm, 2.5cm, 3.0cm,


Polished, honed


Flooring, Walls, Stairs / Steps, Counter tops, Vanity, Paving / Curbstone, Pillar, Column, Border, Skirting, Window Sills

Quality Control

Thickness Tolerance

+- 1mm;

Polishing Grade

above 100 degree

Crack / Spot

EU / US Standard: zero

QC Standard

AQL2.5/4.0 ITS


CE, ISO, GB/T19001-2008


1. Own factory with stable supply;

2. Factory direct with good price and prompt delivery;

3. Good Management System for good quality;

4. Value-added service.

large glass white artificial stone of Packing

Inner Packing

Cover with foam and plastic film, corner paper board protection

Individual Carton

Individual carton packing with trademark is available upon request

Outer Packing

Plastic tapes in 6 sides, further strengthened with iron sheet in the corner

Shipping Mark


Port of Loading

Xiamen Port of China

Delivery Lead Time

Normally 10-15 days for one 20’ GP, faster delivery is available upon confirmation

Trade Term

FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.

Loading Info.


Qty per pallet

Pallets per 20ft container

QTY per 20ft container

Square Meter per 20ft container

Weight per 20ft container

Big slab size






600-900 m2







500-700 m2







350-500 m2







250-358 m2


Installation Recommendations

Wall Cladding

1.Wall should be leveled and cleaned,

2.Fix the panel on the wall with wire and expansion screw tightly,

3.Fill the space between the panel and the wall with cement mortar of ratio 1:3,

4.Clean the extra mortar and dirt on the surface.

Floor Installation

1.Mark out the baseline of gound level,

2.Mix the mortar with ratio of 1 cement to 4 sand to have semi-day mortar,

3.Lay the mixed mortar in level with a layer of 3-4cm thickness,place the tile over the mortar and adjust the height properly to be leveled,

4.Remove the tile after level adjustment.Put a thin layer of cement powder on the mortar and add water on it to become wet,

5.Put the tile on top and gently knock with rubber hammer until it sealed with the mortar properly. Make sure the tile is leveled and has the same space between each other. Those tiles which are not leveled with others should be removed and repeat the leveling procedure in step 4.Genetally,the space between two tiles should be 2mm for water evaporation and normal expansion.

Daily maintenance of Micro Crystal Stone

1.The laying area of micro crystal stone can only be opened for use or stacking any item on top after at least 24 hours of filling the gap,

2.The ground must be covered with plywood or carpet for protection in case of doing other decoration work after the installation of micro crystal stone floor,

3.In areas like exit and entrance, the surface of micro crystal stone floor should be covered by carpet or plywood to protect it from the damage of abrasion of sand or other hard material.

4.Do not use general floor wax on micro crystal stone,General floor wax is an oil-based wax which is easily stuck to dust.

5.Please use rubber wheels for shopping cart and trolley on micro crystal stone floor, for the hard wheel may scratch and damage the surface,

6.Regular care and maintenance is the key for long lasting of micro crystal stone’s high glossy and reflection.

Important Notice

1.Make sure the ground of laying area is dry and clean before laying mortar. The ratio 1:3(volume ratio) must be strictly followed and no extra water added during the installation progress

2.In the choice of using white cement as the filling material, the strength and quality of the cement must be checked properly.

3.It is not recommended to store micro crystal stone outdoor for long time. It should be covered with rock wool in winter and moved into indoor 2 hours in advance before installation. It also needs to be covered with waterproof cloth when installing during the rainy days outdoor,

4.When using micro crystal stone as ground floor,2mm wild gap must be left between the joints for the benefit of the water vaporization and physical expansion. In the case of large-scale installation, it is recommended to leave an 8mm expansion joint,

5.It is recommended that the area of micro crystal stone to remain-not used-for at least 24 hours and kept 2-3 days before passing or storing items on top.

Marmoglass Polished Edge, Shining !

China Marmoglass SN002 Slabs Packing and Ready for ship

We not only make Slabs, we also can make:
- Project Tiles
- Countertop
- Tabletop
- Vanitytop
- Column

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China Marmoglass SN002 Strong Packing Crates

China Marmoglass SN002 and Nanoglass NANO3 Container Loading

Welcome to our product page of China Marmoglass, in which you can find detailed information of Marmoglass. China Marmoglass Co.,Limited offer Crystallized White Marmoglass is good in quality and competitive in price. China Marmoglass Co.,Limited is the manufacturer and supplier of Marmoglass,White Crystallized Glass Panel,Nanoglass. Crystallized Glass Stone,Crystallized Glass Panel,Crystallized Glass Stone Tile,Crystallized Glass Stone Countertop,Marmoglass also known as Nanoglass and White Crystallized Glass,Marmoglass, Crystallized Glasss is the popular materials for interior and exterior applications, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, commercial foyer wall claddings, etc. China Marmoglass Co.,Limited is the Manufacturer and export Crystallized Glass and Crystallized Glass products. Crystallized Glass can be used Interior & external wall cladding, Flooring Tile, Stair, Column cladding, Basin, Countertop, Table, Bar, bath, Kitchen, any tops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc. Super White Nanoglass Slab, You Can Buy Various High Quality Super White Nanoglass Slab Products from Super White Nanoglass Slab Suppliers and Super White Nanoglass Slab Manufacturers at Chinamarmoglass.com

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